Alpha Corporation Inc.
Alpha Corporation is a structural geology and geological modelling consulting company. 

Our mission is to make a material difference to mining operations, exploration companies and to investors. We achieve this through the investigation of structural geology at all scales and in the quickest possible time. 

Alpha geological consultants have been at the forefront of geological innovation, both in terms of original academic research and in the development of innovative software-based geological modelling solutions. 

Alpha specialises in the rapid seamless integration of field-based structural analysis work with structural interrogation of mineralised systems using 3D models built directly from drillhole and geophysical datasets. 

Alpha's Principals structural geologists Mr. Serg Pshenichnikov and James Brown have more than 50 years' combined experience  in research, geological consulting, and working in the minerals industry, and together they have analysed more than 500 mineral deposits and prospects globally. They have taught hundreds of mining and exploration geologists the techniques and benefits of applied structural geology.   

In our work on hundreds of mineral deposits, we have formulated a comprehensive set of methods for the rapid interrogation of mineralised systems. We use an iterative combination of geological modelling and the analysis of structural geology at all scales, which is the quickest and most accurate way of investigating the control of mineral deposits, thus benefiting the broader minerals industry.